Friday, November 29, 2013

How-To Info

Let me begin with this **disclaimer**: I did not come up with this information. I found it on a website that I did not think to keep the address to. I take no credit whatsoever for the information I am about to provide, I am merely sharing with you what I came across that I saw as at the very least, somewhat interesting. And believe me, there's a lot of things I found online. That being said, here's there the first bit of what I discovered:

How to Write an Interesting Book

  1. You have to make the book hard to put down. Add details, but not so many that the reader falls asleep.
  2. Develop a good plot. It's kind of hard to concentrate with a weak plot. You may try a dramatic one, like a friend of yours goes missing for days, and he/she is found in the woods, with a serious case of amnesia. A lot of people love dramatic books.
  3. Make your characters interesting and realistic. Maybe the mean girl that used to be the geek, and is now evil. Or maybe the villain with a bad past, and who wants revenge.
  4. Think of a great title and make an eye-catching cover. Use different colors like Green, Red, Blue,Orange, and others. Write the title in stylish writing.
  5. Get a literary agent.
  6. Submit it to a publisher.
  7. You also have to have the patience to write a book.
  8. Try a plot you can really connect with.
I, personally, agree with all of them except #5 & #6. With so many Indie Authors out there today, it's becoming easier and easier to do it on your own. And even now, there is a fresh new company I'm involved with, Indie Hoopla, that helps you promote your book(s), spread the word about you, etc. - all at affordable prices. No need to take my word for it tho, just check out the site ;)

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