Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review: Spellbound

Wylde Debraux is 16: Sassy, fiercely independent—and the Wyvern princess of the desert tribe of Kiir’vanan. When her father demands she choose a suitor within a fortnight to become her mate, Wylde rebels…and finds herself face to face with her enemies.
Born without power, Kascien Trump is a slave to the Magi. He’s as trapped as the bio-engineered dragonhounds he breeds and fights for his master. Then Wylde blazes into his life, offering him the possibility of freedom, and he knows she’s probably his only ticket out of there. Alive, anyway.
But when Wylde’s captured, the spellbound slave and the fiery dragon-shifter have to put aside their differences and work together to outwit the Magi and escape the clutches of Kascien’s corrupt master…or lose themselves trying.

My Rating:
3 out of 5 Wings

I went into this book blind, being mesmerized by the title and the cover, and not reading the blurb. The plot itself wasn't particularly a strong one, but it definitely weak either. It had a nice mix of magic and dragons for this dragon lover, with an enchanting and not overly done love story thrown in. The author also addresses slavery and the importance of one's freedom as well.
Ms. Calhoun has a talent for grasping your attention, though, so your thoughts don't wander off to what other characters may be doing, simply keeping you in the moment instead. All in all, it was quite a pleasant read. I am looking forward to reading another title of hers after catching a snippet of it at the end of this one.

Would I recommend this book? Mostly only to those who enjoy reading dragon tales

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