Friday, December 13, 2013

Break Through

I actually had a break in my writer's block the last two days. It felt amazing! There's nothing like being able to put pen to paper and making that magic happen. I only have a little more to go before I complete my target goal. After that, I'll either add more to it or continue to another project that's been nagging at me. 
Here's a piece of advice that might help. If you can feel that creativity juice tingling but just can't get it to flow, try this simple trick. Sit down in a room in your house, or wherever, and just start typing (or writing)- describe every detail in the room, use your vocabulary to it's fullest. Go room to room if you have to, until the juices are flowing again. Or you can always go somewhere outside, there's a myriad of places to go with so many things you can look at and try to describe that really puts your inner dictionary/thesaurus to the test. The point is to get your brain into it's creative mode, and searching for words to describe something can certainly do that. :)

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