Sunday, March 9, 2014

Has reading a book ever changed your life?

Has reading a book ever changed your life? Which book? In what way did it change your life?
I had an assignment back in Junior High where I had to read a book titled Tuck Everlasting. It was my first introduction to the wonderful world of fantasy. It opened my eyes to all the amazing possibilities that are out there in the literary world. I knew there was fiction works out there, but the improbabilities of the unknown, the magical, the pure supernatural, were still a mystery to me. I found my passion right then and there. I knew then what I loved about reading. All the mysticism of the otherworld, it was incredible. It was the greatest moment of my life! I hope that everyone else gets the chance to experience the craziness of this spectacular realm known as fantasy and the paranormal genres. You will truly never be the same.

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